Professor of Cardiovascular, Interventional and Structural Catheterization, National Heart Institute - Egypt
Fellow of the Egyptian and European Heart Associations
Head of Cardiology Department, Heartcare Clinics
Ph.D. in Cardiology and Cardiovascular Diseases


Cardiology and Cardiovascular Diseases


Implantation, expansion, and treatment of heart valves, implantation of mono, double and triple pacemakers, chronic closed coronary angioplasty, and complex coronary angioplasty

Success Rates

Similar to the success rates in the European and American leagues in all catheters

Working Hours

Sun-Thurs 12pm- 9pm* *
*Dr. Mohamad’s appointments are usually at Dokki Branch. Pre-reservation is required.

Years of Experience


Short Bio

Dr. Mohamed Ahmed Sabry El Hedeny, Professor of Cardiovascular at the National Heart Institute and Head of the Cardiology Department at Heartcare Clinics, specializes in cardiovascular diseases. Dr. Mohamed is distinguished by his fellowships of the Egyptian Heart Association and the European Heart Association, and it’s worth noting that Dr. Mohamed El Hedeny dealt with the most difficult operations, which are “chronic occlusion of the coronary artery” more than once over the course of his 16 years’ experience in cardiovascular diseases. At the Heartcare Clinics, we deal daily with the most difficult operations and succeed due to the presence of experts and modern equipment.