“The happiest & closest moments to my heart are when giving hope to a patient who has lost it, succeeding in treating and expanding the coronary artery, and the relief that the patient gets from pain to be able to return to his normal activity again"

Member of the European Society for complete obstruction treatment and complex operations of coronary arteries by Catheterization
Professor of Interventional Cardiology, National Heart Institute - Egypt
Head of Catheterization Department, Heartcare Clinics
Ph.D. in Cardiology and Catheterization


Cardiology and Catheterization


Cardiac Catheterization, Drug Stents, Mitral valve dilation, and Pacemakers

Success Rates

We achieve the highest success rates of operations up to 95%

Working Hours

Sun-Thurs 12pm- 9pm*
*Dr. Mohamed’s appointments are usually at Dokki Branch. Pre-reservation is required.

Years of Experience


Short Bio

Dr. Ahmed Mohsen Al-Sawah, Consultant Cardiologist and Catheterization at the National Heart Institute and Head of the Catheterization Department at Heartcare Clinics, specializes in cardiology and interventional catheterization that requires expertized skillful cardiologists. Dr. Ahmed is distinguished by being a member of the European Association for the treatment of chronic obstruction and complex operations in coronary arteries through catheterization. Dr. Ahmed Al-Sawah has great experience in catheterization operations, and he is an expert in dealing with the most difficult operations over the past fifteen years, as he explained, "The most difficult operations are the complex arteries, the main coronary artery trunk, and chronic obstruction of the coronary arteries", which are treated with the latest international technologies at Heartcare clinics, as we succeed where others fail to deal with this kind of severe and complex blockage.